After a year long stalemate with the United Nations Earth military, the Space Revolutionary Army carried out a massive colony drop onto the Earth, killing 99% of the human population and plunging the world into a nuclear winter. Now, 15 years since the wars end, the Earth has finally started on the long road to recovery in an era known as After War. Garrod Ran, a boy born at the end of the war survived the harsh world by becoming a technician and capturing mobile suits to sell on the black market. After completing the capture of a Jenice mobile suit, he is approached by Reich Anto for a job, to rescue a girl captured by a Vulture captain named Jamil Neate.

Successfully rescuing Tiffa Adill from the Freeden, Garrod heads to the randevu spot to find Reich Anto waiting for him to take Tiffa back. Noticing how terrified the girl is of the man, Garrod instead drives off with her, following her directions as they try to evade Reich as he chases them with a trio of mobile suits. Finding an abandoned base belonging to the United Nations Earth military, Garrod finds a GX-9900 Gundam X and climbs into the cockpit with Tiffa. Activating the Gundam, Garrod engages in battle against the three mobile suits to protect Tiffa.

Notes & Trivia

  • Like most independent timeline series, this episode pays homage to the original Mobile Suit Gundam by containing a virtually identical Gundam rise sequence.

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