The J-Saviour is a mobile suit from the G-Saviour video game.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The J-Saviour is a limited-production mobile suit and the mainstay unit of the Illuminati's elite Lightning Squad. It is capable of flight within the Earth's atmosphere when equipped with the High Mobility Unit. Its performance is superior to the G-Saviour Origin.

Like the G-Saviour, the J-Saviour can be outfitted with two loadouts. The J-Saviour can be outfitted with a high-mobility skirt booster pack for better maneuvering on land. Additionally, in space, it is equipped with a skirt booster module and a booster pack on its rear.




Notes & Trivia

  • The J-Saviour is a hidden unit in the G-Saviour video game that can be unlocked upon completing certain achievements.

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