The JF-100 (TYPE-M) Ninja Hyaku Shiki is a mobile suit that appears in the SD Sengokuden spin-off series Project MUSHA (June 1989), an original story published in Comic BonBon which expands on the Universal Century timeline.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

In order to combat the mobile suits of the Earth Federation Forces' Project MUSHA (Musha ν Gundam, Musha ΖΖ Gundam), the space pirates side developed a machine based on the Hyaku Shiki Kai built by Anaheim Electronics. It is a stealth mobile suit that specializes in sabotage and reconnaissance. It is equipped with six dummy units fitted with built-in ultra-compact generators. The Ninja Hyaku Shiki can perform the "Clone Technique" by deploying these dummies in conjunction with the dispersal of Minovsky particles. In addition, it is armed with the Kusarigama "Fuuma" weapon, an improved version of the Hambrabi's Sea Serpent equipment.


System Features


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