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The JF-91 (TYPE-M) Musha Re-GZ is a mobile suit that appears in the SD Sengokuden spin-off series Project MUSHA (May 1989), an original story published in Comic BonBon which expands on the Universal Century timeline.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

In order to combat the mobile suits of the Earth Federation Forces' Project MUSHA (Musha ν Gundam, Musha ΖΖ Gundam), the space pirates side developed a machine based on the Re-GZ built by Anaheim Electronics. It also known as "Seiryu" (Azure Dragon).

The body and shield are covered in scaly armor composed of shock-absorbent material. Additionally, the reactive armor features built-in chaff to neutralize attacks from beam weapons. It is armed with the Beam Naginata "Benkei" which has a beam edge that can extend up to 10 meters.


System Features


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