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The JMS60 Busshi is a Neo Japan space colony defense mobile suit, and is featured in the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The JMS60 Busshi is a Neo Japan colony designed mobile suit for use outside of the Gundam Fight. The Busshi is the main mobile suit for the defense of the Neo Japan space colony, whereas the JMS71 Nobusshi primarily operated on the terrestrial Neo Japan. The Busshi's main armament was a beam cannon connected by a cable to the mobile suit. The cannon was likely internally powered by the Busshi's reactor.


  • Beam Cannon

Ultimate Attacks

  • Busshi Launcher


Used mostly in space, several Busshis were deployed in the operation to recapture the Ultimate Gundam and Kyoji Kasshu. However the operation failed and all the Busshis were destroyed.


  • The Busshi's design holds a lot of elements identical to the Zaku, Gouf, and Gelgoog. Its overall look is derived from the Zaku, the color and head from the Gouf, and the arms and all-terrain combat capabilities from the Gelgoog. Whether this was intentional or not is unclear. However, as the name of the Busshi's armor material is "zakurinium", it's highly possible that was intentional.

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