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Jean Carry

  • Glimmering Cursed Star J






Genetic Type
  • Coordinator
  • A
  • 196 cm
    6.43 ft
    77.165 in
  • 63 kg
    138.891 lb
Hair Color
  • Yellow
Eye Color
  • Grey
  • 32
Birth Date
  • Male
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
  • Commander (Earth Alliance)
  • Captain (Three Ships Alliance)
Mobile Weapons

Jean Carry (ジャン・キャリー Jan Kyarī) has appeared in various Gundam SEED Astray mangas, and has been a member of the Earth Alliance, the Junk Guild, the Three Ships Alliance, the Orb Union, and currently Terminal.


Jean Carry is very much like Kira Yamato. Both of them are Coordinators who initially worked with the Earth Alliance during the First Alliance-PLANT War, before leaving the organisation late in the war and joining the Three Ships Alliance. Although he fought against fellow Coordinators while with the Earth Alliance, he did not kill any, only incapacitating the enemy machines he battled against.


A first generation Coordinator, he was born on Earth. He lost both his Natural parents during the Type S2 influenza epidemic, and emigrated temporarily to the PLANT, where blossomed as a professor of engineering. When the warring sentiment amongst the Coordinators increased, being anti-war, he leave PLANT and return to Earth. The First Alliance-PLANT War then broke out, and he eventually joined the Earth Alliance as he felt this was a way to stop the hatred from spiralling out of control. He was given a captured ZGMF-1017 GINN in a white paint scheme to pilot, and his non-lethal method of defeating the enemy displeased his superior. His impressive performance with the white GINN soon earned him the nickname ""Glimmering Cursed Star J". Later, Jean's GINN was replaced with a white GAT-01D Long Dagger. In the Battle of Porta Panama, Jean and his Long Dagger fought against Yzak Joule and his GAT-X102 Duel "Assault Shroud" . Jean was nearly killed when his Long Dagger was disabled by the Gungnir, but Yzak refused to fight him because he was defenceless.

After the Earth Alliance created mobile suits with Natural-use OS, Jean was kicked out of the army as he was no use to them any more. Jean eventually joined Junk Guild, and the ReHOME was sent to transport him to the organization's headquarters. While onboard the ReHOME, he was redirected to the Three Ships Alliance by Lowe, who felt the latter group could utilize his talents better. With the Three Ships Alliance, Jean piloted a MBF-M1 Astray in a white color scheme. At the Second Battle of Jachin Due, where he performed admirably, protecting both the Kusanagi and the Eternal with Barry Ho and his own M1A Astray covering him.

In C.E. 73, he piloted his M1 Astray (albeit equipped with a heavily modified Verne flight unit) against the ZGMF-YX21R Proto-Saviour, which he defeated. He later helps Morgan, Edward, and Riika Sheder.


Jean Carry


Earth Alliance + , Three Ships Alliance +


32  +

Birth date

July 22, 0042 JL  +

Blood Type

A  +


Cosmic Era  +

Eye Color

Grey  +


Male  +

Genetic Type

Coordinator  +

Hair Color

Yellow  +


Glimmering Cursed Star J  +


Mobile Suit Pilot  +

Person Height

196 cm (6.43 ft, 77.165 in)  +

Person Weight

63 kg (138.891 lb)  +


File:Jean Carry.jpg +


Commander  + , Captain  +


Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tomorrow + , Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray R +


Human  +

Voice Actors

Tommy James  +

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GAT-01D Long Dagger + , MAW-01 Mistral + , MBF-M1 M1 Astray + , ZGMF-1017 GINN +



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