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  • Male
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
  • Lieutenant
Mobile Weapons
Vessels Crewed

John Grissom (ジョン・グリソム Jon Gurisomu?) is a minor character in the Mobile Suit Gundam novel, Gundam Sentinel. Lieutenant John Grissom is an Task Force Alpha pilot who pilots an FA-010A FAZZ. He generall has a somewhat calm demeanor, even in the midst of combat. He managed to run out of ammunition for his Hyper Mega Cannon during the Task Force Alpha assault on Pezun. Grissom is killed during Operation Eagle Fall when the FAZZ unit, under the command of Shin Crypt, is ordered to engage Brave Cod in his ORX-013 Gundam Mk-V. The FAZZs attack Cod with a barrage of missiles, but unexpectedly he survives and engages them directly, the FAZZ unit begins to lose cohesion and Cod picks out Grissom as his target, launching a fierce assault on him Grissoms FAZZ is destroyed.

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