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Joyce Moreno

  • JB Moreno


  • 00F: First Seen in Chapter #6
  • 00I: First Seen in Chapter #3
Photo Novel

Voice Actor



  • AB
  • 180 cm5.906 ft
    70.866 in
  • 61 kg134.482 lb
Hair Color
  • Blonde
Eye Color
  • Blue
  • 28 (00P-S1)
  • 38 (00P-S2)
  • 43 (G00-S1)
Birth Date
  • March 19, 2264 (A.D.)
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Licensed Doctor

Joyce Moreno (ジョイス・モレノ Joisu Moreno?) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Moreno is the doctor on board CBS-70 Ptolemaios, and a longtime friend of crewmate Ian Vashti since before joining Celestial Being.

Personality & Character

In his brief appearance, he shows that he's a kind and confident man of medicine. Additional content couldn't be described as Dr. Moreno had short appearance and interaction with the crew of the story.

Skills & Abilities


Early Days

Little is known about this particular character due his brief time within the series. Through 00I, it is known that Moreno was previously associated with the humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders. He was partnered with Innovade Telicyra Herfi, and they worked together for an undetermined amount of time. After two years of working together, Moreno left MSF and presumably joined Celestial Being after seeing the horrors of war.

Joining Celestial Being

During Krung Thep battle with AEU’s Orbital Elevator first Hellion Platoon. Ruido Resonance shoots down the first Hellion Platoon. In addition, 874 sorties in Sadalsuud, sees the shadow of an approaching aircraft, she proposes that Ruido does a check to determine the risk. Ruido boarded a small AEU ship. Ian Vashti and Joyce B. Moreno are both asked, “Will you join Celestial Being?” Moreno goes, “What is this about?” Both Ian and Moreno accepted his request.

Chall's Grief

In 2302, Chall visited Moreno's medical office for her regular treatments. Chall, whose body has been bathed in an overdose of GN particles in the "Plutone Accident", had a heavy disability on her cells. Her telomeres are damaged, and regenerative treatment also can't be done. As it is said that cell division can't be done normally, without the ability to do renewal, she also can't live normally. Gundam Meister 874 offered the nanomachines that repair the cell disorder. When the restoration of the telomeres is done, perpetual youth is achieved too. Moreno continued to study GN particle toxicology along with Chall's medical treatment.

Checking Out Lockon Stratos

Treating Fon Spaak

Team Trinity battle Fon Spaak over the GN Drive Fereshte was using. Due to Fon's resistance when Trinity told him to hand over the 0 Gundam's GN drive, the remote explosive upon his neck was detonated. His blood pressure dropped rapidly, due to the severe blood loss, and, despite having ten minutes before heart and lung failure, Fon still fights Team Trinity. Before Micheal Trinity can deliver the final blow, Hanayo activates Plutone's escape pod. Then, Gundam Plutone blows up, which distracts the Trinity team long enough for Hanayo and Fon to escape. Hayano decided to save Fon's life by transferring him to the Ptolemaios to be treated by Dr. Moreno, without consulting Veda. Dr. Moreno uses nonomachines to repair Fon's blood vessels.

Healing Lockon

Dr. Moreno was called in to look after Lockon Stratos after he was critically injured fighting against UN Forces. After doing what he can for his damaged right eye, he evaluated that Lockon needed at least 3 weeks of time in a rejuvenation chamber. Lockon refused treatment during the situation in spite of the doctor's objections.


In episode 24, Alejandro Corner/Alvatore fired a mega GN particle beam right at Ptolemy. As the ship attempted evasive maneuvers, the right tail side of Ptolemy was hit. Dr. Moreno was at the ship's sickbay when the particle beam damaged and decompressed sickbay. While the particle beam played a part in his death, it was the vacuum of space that was the direct cause of death.


Ian Vashti



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Birth date

19 March 2264  +

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AB  +

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2308  +


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Blue  +


Male  +

Hair Color

Blonde  +


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Licensed Doctor  +

Person Height

180 cm (5.906 ft, 70.866 in)  +

Person Weight

61 kg (134.482 lb)  +


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