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Julian Mackenzie

  • Julian Ayers Mackenzie






Hair Color
  • Blond
Eye Color
  • Blue
  • 21
  • Male
  • English
  • Build Fighter
Mobile Weapons

Julian Ayers Mackenzie is a minor character in Gundam Build Fighters. He plays a larger role as one of the main characters in the Gundam Build Fighters Amazing sidestory manga.


Originally from Manchester, England, Julian was one of Tatsuya Yuuki's seniors at the Gunpla Academy. He originally enrolled at the age of 15, and within four months had become the head of the class. By age 18 he had accrued an unofficial record of 204 wins and 3 losses, and was viewed as a potential successor to the second Meijin Kawaguchi. However, after seeing the Meijin's ruthless tactics and belief that victory was all that mattered, he became disillusioned with the title. He subsequently withdrew from both the academy and Gunpla Battle in general to protect his love of Gunpla.

At the time of the 7th Gunpla Battle World Championship, his grandfather Sir John Ayers Mackenzie was a competitor in the semi-finals of the tournament. Seeking to rekindle Julian's interest in Gunpla Battle, Sir Mackenzie pretended to be dying, and requested Julian take his place in the tournament as his "dying" wish. In the process, he reunited Julian with the Gunpla he used at the academy - the Gundam F91 Imagine.

Julian obliged, and faced his former classmate, now the third Meijin, in Gunpla Battle. As they fought, he demanded Tatsuya show him his beliefs and determination. When he found all his attacks were met, and that his fighting style wasn't ruthless, like the second Meijin's, he accepted Tatsuya as the new Meijin, and admitted he couldn't stay away from Gunpla Battle any longer.

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