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  • Female
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
Mobile Weapons

Julieta Juris is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.


Julieta was very loyal, pursuing mission success by her motto "For Commander Rustal".

Skills and Abilities

Despite not having a family, pedigree or rank, Julieta was recognized for her outstanding skill in maneuvering a mobile suit. She learnt how to fight from Galan Mossa, a skilled MS pilot. During a battle with Mikazuki Augus she's able to hold her own despite his far more powerful Gundam and use of the Alaya-Vijnana System. However, afterward she grudgingly accepts the fact that Mikazuki was the better pilot and that she needed to become stronger. Her own weakness troubles her even more after Galan's death which causes her to she start pushing herself even harder in her training and demanding tougher training simulations to avoid future humiliations and potentially avenge Galan.


Julieta serves under Arianrhod and was employed by Rustal Elion, the Commander of Outer Lunar Joint Fleet of Gjallarhorn, upon the recommendation of Galan Mossa. Due to her lowly origins many within Gjallarhorn resent Julieta which she is fully aware of. Upon meeting Vidar while off duty, Julieta is suspicious of him but decides to hear him out as the circumstances in his rise to power were similar to her. Thus the two would spend downtime together occasionally to speak upon current events. Julieta is later called to battle against Tekkedan in a race to obtain the same target, it is here where Julieta first encounters Mikazuki in battle. While she was able to hold her own it became clear that Mikazuki was the much more skilled pilot. Despite her best efforts Mikazuki seizes the target for Tekkedan thus humiliating Julieta who reluctantly returns empty handed. After some time word reaches her of Galan's death at the hands of Tekkadan on Earth causing Julieta to mourn for him, as he was her mentor and father figure, and pushes herself ever harder in her training, something Vidar makes note of. After sharing a personal conversation the two grow closer and Julieta is able to accept Galan's death.

Once Gundam Vidar is completed Julieta is present as Rustal meets with Vidar in regards to their next move. Julieta later accompanies Vidar and during the transition to their destination she questions why Vidar fights which she learns is for revenge. However, when she witnesses Vidar's skill in battle, and notes that he cast aside his name in favor of his Gundam - Vidar, she remarks that he fights beautifully. In turn Vidar explains that he was just happy from piloting the Gundam at long last. While Julieta still doesn't fully trust his motives, she's glad that she can rely upon him during the coming battles in the future before they both head off together to finish the mission at hand.


Rustal Elion

Ever since being taken in by Rustal due to her piloting skills, and Galan's recommendation, she has become fiercely loyal to Rustal. Due to such an unprecedented Master/Servant relationship that they share many within Gjallarhorn are resentful of Julieta which she is fully aware of. However, this has not shaken her loyalty in the least and only encourages her to prove herself ever more so that none can question Rustal's judgement in alleviating her to such a high position despite her origins as a poverty stricken orphan with no family name of her own to cling to for prestige.

Galan Mossa

Galan found Julieta years ago and took her under his wing, teaching her everything that he knew. Later on he even recommended Julieta to Rustal Elion. Julieta in turn saw him as a father figure whom she owed everything to and is completely devastated when she learns of his death. Though told by Rustal not to mourn Galan, as he was "No one", Julieta isn't able to let go of her lingering feelings until after speaking to Vidar who convinces her that her way of thinking was disrespectful to the dead.


Initially suspicious of the mysterious Vidar she eventually warmed up to him after running into him a few times which caused her to realize that both are actually quite similar in some regards. Vidar in turn seemed to enjoy their conversations as well. Through these encounters she slowly began to garner a great deal of respect for Vidar and now purposely seeks him out as he has garnered her interest and that she finds his company enjoyable.

Julieta grows ever more interested in Vidar, even wondering why he fights. Though he tells her it is for revenge she isn't convinced as during battle she's taken aback by how beautifully he fights which left her breathless. While she still doesn't fully trust his motives she nonetheless is happy at how reliable he is in battle.

Iok Kujan

While Julieta shares an antagonistic relationship with Iok, and thinks little of him, she nonetheless will risk her own life to protect his own as that's what Rustal ordered. Occasionally they do see eye to eye on such matters and both are fiercely loyal to Rustal. Due to Iok's lack of skill in battle Julieta has no issue ordering him to retreat or to fall back as he proves a hindrance to herself.



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