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Hair Color
  • Blonde
Eye Color
  • Green
  • 12
  • Female
Vessels Crewed

Juna (ユーナ) is a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam École du Ciel manga series.


Juna is considered the "mascot" of Marie Albertia's pirates and chief mechanic Rolf "Pops" Berger's self-proclaimed number-one apprentice. A war orphan whose parents were killed by the Titans (this incident caused her to develop an extreme aversion to gunfire), she was sent to an Island-1 Type colony at Side 6 where a "charitable" institution called House Of Blessings was located. There she met Akira and shortly after left the institution along with him and was taken under Marie's wing aboard the pirates' Pazock-class supply ship. She helps out with food, cleaning and maintenance as best she can to take care of the place she calls home. She befriends Asuna Elmarit after Asuna herself joins the pirates, where she acts as her pirate mentor in spite of Asuna being older. After the Titans destroy the Pazock and Marie's pirates, she enlists in the AEUG along with Asuna aboard the Irish-class battleship Zwickbau.

Though sunny and energetic, the continuing conflict of Federation and Zeon forces weighs upon her heart.


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