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Kenneth Sleg (ケネス・スレッグ?) is a fictional character from the Gundam franchise. He first appeared in the novel Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash.


Colonel Kenneth Sleg, formerly assigned to weapons research and development, reorganizes the Kimberly task force into the "Circe Unit." He has the peculiar habit of wielding a riding crop. He becomes acquainted with Hathaway Noa and Gigi Andalusia during a hijacking attempt on the shuttle Haunzen at the beginning of the story. He forms a friendship with Hathaway in the wake of this incident. However, in his battles against Mufti, Kenneth is anguished when he realizes that the organization's leader is Hathaway himself and succeeds in stopping the Ξ Gundam's attack in Adelaide. He attempted to conceal Hathaway's identity as Mufti from his father, Bright Noa, who was in command of the execution. Unfortunately, Kenneth's efforts were wasted after the betrayal by his senior officers. After the Mufti incident in U.C. 105, he voluntarily retired from the army. Angered by the Federation government exposed Hathaway's identity of Mufti and glorified Bright's execution of his son to the public. He rendezvoused with Gigi in Kyushu, Japan, where Hathaway was born, with him remarking that "he could set up a similar organization one day."



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