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Hair Color
  • Orange
  • 17
Birth Date
  • Alive (OVA)
  • Deceased (Novelization)
  • Female
Love Interests
  • Southeast Asia
Mobile Weapons

Kiki Rosita (キキ・ロジータ Kiki Rojīta?) is a supporting character from the Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team OVA. Kiki is the daughter of the One Year War guerrilla leader, Baresto.


She took Shiro Amada captive and forces him to talk. A teenage girl with bright orange hair, Kiki immediately catches Shiro's attention when he sees her bathing naked while lost. Although she shoots at him, chasing him away and later with some of her Guerilla friends takes Shiro captive while on a separate mission, Kiki develops a crush on him and tries to help Shiro as much as she can while on various missions. This includes convincing the guerilla forces that the Federation forces are their allies. With most of her village wiped out including her father, Kiki says goodbye to Shiro after his failed attempt to rescue them from 2 MS-06JC Zaku II and a MS-05B Zaku I who entered the village. Following the end of the war, she searches for Shiro with Michel Ninorich, and is eventually able to find him.

The 08th MS Team Novelization differs in several ways from the OVA, with the darkest and most drastic change involving Kiki, in which she is captured and gang raped by Federation soldiers, and in the middle of the horrific ordeal, Kiki commits suicide by biting her tongue. The event inevitably creates disgust and far more distrust towards the Federation by the guerillas.

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