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The King of Hearts (aka Shuffle Heart) is a transformable Mobile Fighter operated by the Shuffle Alliance in Mobile Fighter G Gundam. It was originally piloted by Master Asia.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The King of Hearts is like any other Mobile Fighters owned by the Shuffle Alliance, but somehow resembles more of Master Asia's latest Mobile Fighter, the GF13-001NHII Master Gundam in both aesthetics and design. The unit can go from its mobile suit mode to a Mobile Armor-like Emblem Mode to fly at much greater distances, although the mobile fighter can fly at high speeds without the use of this mode.

The King of Hearts is equipped with standard weaponry like the Heart Cloth and the Head Beam Guns. Also, the King of Hearts can execute a powerful move called the Heartful Finger, an attack similar to the GF13-017NJII God Gundam's Bakunetsu God Finger.


  • Heart Cloth
A throwable close range weapon, it functions as a beam saber when used in close combat.
  • Head Beam Gun
Mounted on the head area of the suit, the Head Beam Gun is a powerful beam weaponry of the King of Hearts, which is used to shoot down enemies from afar.

Ultimate Attacks

  • Heartful Finger
The King of Heart's ultimate attack. The Heartful Finger's power is very powerful; it allows the King of Hearts to plunge its hand into an enemy mobile suit and subsequently discharge its power in a secondary technique called "Heat End" that explodes the opponent.


When Master Asia was still the leader of the Shuffle Alliance as the King of Heart, he piloted the King of Hearts as his Mobile Fighter, before passing down the title of King of Heart to Domon Kasshu, as well as the Mobile Fighter.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The King of Hearts is the only Mobile Fighter of the Shuffle Alliance that never appeared in the anime, although it is mentioned throughout the series.

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