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The Kuraomikami-class destroyer is a battleship in the Cosmic Era timeline.

Combat Abilities

The Kuraomikami-class is heavily armed, despite its small size. Its armament consits of a single dual rapid-fire gun on the front side of the ship, as well as four 25mm anti-air gatling guns, which are used on most naval vessels to shoot down incoming missiles or mobile units. Besides these weapons, the ships also features four anti-air and six anti-ship missile launchers, allowing the ship to unleash a large number of missiles on the enemy.

Because of its small size, there are no Mobile Suits stationed on the ship. It however usually carries one Heli.


The smallest vessel of the Orb Union's naval fleet is the Kuraomikami-class, which is, besides the Aegis-class cruiser, the only other mass-produced ship of the fleet. Its primary use is to escort larger warships in the Orb fleet.

This ship class is used in CE 71 to escort the Archangel out of Orb's waters after the ship had spent several days in their territory. It is also, like the Aegis-class, used in mass numbers to defend Orb against a massive attack of the Earth Alliance. During the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Kuraomikami-class destroyers are part of the joint EA/Orb fleet which attacks ZAFT's Minerva. The ship is also deployed to defend Orb again, this time against a ZAFT attack.

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