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The LGZ-91Fb Lightning Gundam Full Burnern is a Gunpla from Gundam Build Fighters Try.

Design & Development

Yuuma Kousaka upgraded the Lightning Gundam based on the experience he gained battling Meijin Kawaguchi.[1] It is equipped with the new Back Weapon System Mk-II.[1] As a result, firepower and mobility were greatly enhanced.[1]


  • Vulcan Gun
Solid bullet armament built into the head.[2] Power is not high, but it has a high rate of fire, so it's employed to intercept incoming missiles, etc.[2]
  • Beam Saber
Armament for melee combat that's stored on the back of the waist side armors.[2] It generates a beam blade.[2]
  • Beam Vulcan
Built into the left arm.[2] It rapidly fires low power beams.[2] Easier to handle than a handheld gun.[2]
  • Handgun
Power is weak, but it's easy to handle due to its small size.[2] It's an effective gun even in close combat since it also supports rapid-fire.[2]
  • High Beam Rifle
Rifle with enhanced accuracy and rate of fire.[3] Accuracy increases when connected to the machine body's sensor.[3] By coupling with the Beam Cannon at the same time, it attains the maximum attack power.[3] Equipped with a Sensor Unit containing a side grip.
  • Beam Vulcan
Equipped in the Shield.[2] It's suitable for interception by firing beams over a wide area.[2]
  • 8-tube Missile Pod
Built into the left and right Booster Units.[3] It's possible to fire a large quantity of missiles all at once.[3]
  • Beam Cannon
Lightning Back Weapon System Mk-II's main armament.[3] A total of 2 right and left large cannons.[3]
  • Large Beam Saber
If the gun barrel is removed, it becomes a large beam saber too.[3]


  • Shield
It can be even used as a bipod during precision shooting.[2]
  • Lightning Back Weapon System Mk-II
Yuuma Kousaka received Meijin Kawaguchi's lesson and decided to enhance the Lightning Gundam.[3] This new Back Weapon System was greatly modified.[3] The Lightning Gundam Full Burnern is the completed machine.[3] Firepower and mobility were enhanced.[3] At the same time, the verniers' degree of freedom was increased.[3] Naturally, combination/separation is possible in the same manner as before, so after separation it becomes a support machine.[3] The transformation mechanism for Flight Mode while combined also remained, but it achieves higher than ever flight speeds even in MS Mode.[3]

Special Attacks

  • High Burst
Dual-wield High Beam Rifles (coupled with shoulder sensors/Beam Cannons) firing through the SD-237S Star Winning Gundam's Plavsky Power Gate.[4]


According to analysis done by team SD-R from Toritsu Academy, the Lightning Gundam Full Burnern scored a 1307.42 point rating in power output, a +327 point increase from the original Lightning Gundam; a 33.4% improvement. Other ratings include a 1990.42 point rating in mobility; +190 points increase from the original Lightning Gundam, and a 0.14 second time in Plavsky Particle reaction speed; a -0.04 second improvement. It was shown to even outperform a Gunpla equipped with Trans-Am System. Before the finals of the U-19 Championship, the Lightning Gundam Full Burnern was remodeled so that its polycaps are interchangeable with that of his teammates. This allows the Lightning Gundam Full Burnern's parts to be used to repair another damaged Gunpla, so that the latter can fight properly during the overtime battle as the team's representative. Yuuma successfully used this Gunpla to win the Championship with Team Try.[citation needed]


Notes & Trivia


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