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The LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam Kamui Gian Type mobile suit that appears in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Side Story manga.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

For all intents and purposes, the LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam Kamui Gian Type is the same as the original LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam. However, the threat of the Zong Mobile Suit made it impossible to see if Kamui could use the same weapons as the original Victory 2 as she only used the standard beam rifle and beam saber.


  • Vulcan Gun
  • Beam Saber
  • Beam Shield
  • Beam Rifle

System Features


The LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam Kamui Gian Type was first seen in possession of Grey Stoke's possession. How he obtained it is unknown. He gives it to then-former Zanscare pilot Kamui Gian to aid Uso Ewin and his LM312V04+SD-VB03A V-Dash Gundam in battling the ZM-GE-03 Zong. While the unit does suffer damage, it is still operational afterwards. What happened to this unit afterwards is unknown.


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