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The LRX-088 Dezpada is a Prototype Mobile Suit from the SD Gundam G Generation video game SD Gundam G Generation: Monoeye Gundams. It is a not an official Mobile suit of the Universal Century time-line although it was developed in the same time as the Gundam Mk-II. It is piloted by Ein Lewi.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

LRX-088 Dezpada, along with its brother machine LRX-077 Sisquiede, was developed as a Newtype-use mobile suit use to protect LRX-066 Tera-S'ono. Dezpada's frame was derived from the Gundam type mobile suit, but with a monoeye sensor. Dezpada is equipped with two large weapon binders, which contain most of its weapons. These weapon binders have two types of missile launchers and four psy-rods, wire-guided grappling weapons similar to the sea serpent used by RX-139 Hambrabi with psycommu-control enhancements. Dezpada also has a beam saber and a beam cannon.

Dezpada also has special a feature known as System Fafnir, which is used to enhance the newtype ability of its pilot by allowing the LRX-066 Tera-S'ono to control the Dezpada. This makes Dezpada become almost untouchable. While Fafnir's support gives Aine Lewi a great advantage over his old nemesis, his actual skill is inferior and completely relied on Fafnir's ability. When Sigfreid discovered the secret of Sisquiede, the Offense Mode, the System Fafnir isn't enough to save him.


  • Beam Saber
  • Missile Launcher
  • Large Missile
  • Psy-Rod
Similar to the Sea Serpent Weapons found with the RX-139 Hambrabi and RMS-108 Marasai except with psycommu control, each of the Dezpada's weapon binders has two of these weapons above the Dezpada's shoulders for a total of four.
  • Beam Launcher

System Features

  • Fafnir System



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