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The Minerva uses its Tannhauser cannon to destroy the large debris but hundreds of small pieces descend towards Earth and destroy cities while causing heavy damage and numerous casualties. Meanwhile, Shinn saves Athrun and they both land safely on the Minerva, which has entered the atmosphere. After the incident ZAFT provides aid to the damaged Earth, while the Minerva crew is informed about what the terrorists had said. The Minerva then heads towards Orb.


In order to finish with the destruction of Junius Seven, the Minerva continues its atmospheric re-entry and makes a rough landing in the Pacific Ocean. Despite their effort, however, the fragments still caused disasters and the Earth suffered extensive damage all over the world.

And this incident gave an opportunity to the Blue Cosmos to resurrect again. New leader Lord Djibril persuades the elders of the parent body“LOGOS” and schemes to intervene the Atlantic Federation.

Meanwhile, the Minerva, originally destined for Carpentaria, heads to Orb to repair the damage and drop off Cagalli. Along the shore somewhere in Orb, Kira Yamato, who has lived in seclusion since the previous war, senses a storm of fate approaching.


Mobile Weapon


Gundam SEED Destiny Episodes

Angry Eyes | Those Who Call For War | Warning Shots | Stardust Battlefield | Scars That Won't Heal | The End of the World | Land of Confusion | Junction | Bared Fangs | A Father's Spell | The Chosen Path | Blood in the Water | Resurrected Wings | Flight to Tomorrow | Return to the Battlefield | Struggle in the Indian Ocean | The Soldier's Life | Attack the Lohengrin | The Hidden Truth | Past | Wandering Eyes | Sword of the Blue Skies | The Shadows of War | Differing Views | The Place of Sin | The Promise | Unfulfilled Feelings | Survivors and Sacrifices | Fates | A Fleeting Dream | The Endless Night | Stella | The World Revealed | Nightmare | Eve of Chaos | Athrun on the Run | Thunder in the Dark | A New Flag | Kira of the Skies | Legacy of Gold | Refrain | Freedom and Justice | A Call for Counterattack | Lacus Times Two | Prelude to Revolution | The Song of Truth | Meer | To a New World | Rey | The Final Power

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