The Landman Rodi is a mobile suit from the second season of the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Design & Development

Some Man Rodis used by the space pirates Brewers were modified for ground use after being captured, and they were eventually deployed to Tekkadan's Earth branch.[1] Since it's equipped with the Alaya-Vijnana System, it can display its full mobility under Earth's gravity and Mars's.[1][2] The Landman Rodi's legs use high class parts, unlike the low cost space-use version of the Man Rodi, hence the suit is also capable of operating in space without any issue.[3][4]


  • Vulcan Gun
A pair of vulcan guns are mounted at the top of the suit's head.
  • Hammer Chopper
Aside from using this close combat weapon as a hatchet, it can also be used as a hammer since there is a hammer head on the opposite side of the blade.[5] Below the hammer head is a thruster unit, which upon activation, allows the weapon to travel further when it is thrown.[4] The thruster unit also functions as an attachment point for storing the weapon on the rear skirt weapon mount.
  • 90mm Submachine Gun
A mobile suit-use submachine gun that is widely circulated, pirates favor the weapon due to its relatively low price.[5] Due to its light weight, it is easy to handle.[5] The Submachine gun can be stored on the same rear skirt weapon mount as the one used by the Hammer Chopper if it is free.
  • Hand Grenade
One hand grenade can be stored behind each side skirt armor.


  • Wire Hook
Used for grappling, one is mounted in each forearm armor.

Operational History

During the border conflict between Arbrau and the SAU, members of the Tekkadan launched in at least four Landman Rodis alongside the Hloekk Grazes and several Mobile Workers. At least one Landman Rodi was destroyed, it and its pilot left behind on the battlefield when Galan Mossa ordered Aston Altland and his team to retreat back to their forward HQ.

Near the end of the conflict, Aston and Takaki Uno used their Landman Rodis in an attempt to defeat McGillis Fareed, the commander of the intervening Gjallarhorn forces. Using teamwork and taking advantage of their Alaya-Vijnana System, they disarmed McGillis, but he regained the upper hand by wrecking the right arm of Takaki's unit and used its fallen Hammer Chopper to crush the cockpit of Aston's unit. Despite his fatal injury, Aston managed to lock McGillis's Graze Ritter Commander Type in place, but reinforcements arrived and saved McGillis.

After the conflict, the Earth Branch was dissolved and its assets including the three remaining Landman Rodis were brought back to Tekkadan's Mars HQ. The three units were then assigned to Dante Mogro, Derma Altland and Chad Chadan, who would used his machine to spur with Hush. During the fight, Hush was surprised by how fast the Landman Rodi is despite its bulk.

The three Landman Rodis were deployed during the battle against the Mobile Armor, Hashmal. Notably, Chad used his Landman Rodis to save an unconscious Ahikiro, and drew the Hashmal's attention by throwing his Hammer Chopper at it, putting it back on course for the planned ambush point. The Landman Rodis then worked with the Shidens to hold off the Hashmal's sub-units while Mikazauki finished off the Mobile Armor.

The Landman Rodis was next used during Tekkadan's assault on JPT Trust, an attack made in retaliation to the deaths of several Turbines members and murder of Lafter Frankland. Chad and Dante would partner up, covering each other in the fight while Derma would operate solo depending on the situation.

The three Landman Rodis later took part in the battle against the Arianrhod fleet during the coup by McGillis Fareed. During the battle, Chad and Dante would stray away from the main fight and then rush back to defend the Tekkadan's ships once their opponents were defeated. The left arm of Derma's Landman Rodi was destroyed by a rocket, though since the unit was still operational he continued to fight. All three units survived the Dainsleif volleys unscathed, falling back to defend the Isarbi as Tekkadan retreated from the battle. During their retreat, Derma's unit was hit, damaging the cockpit and severing his right arm. The machine was quickly recovered by Dante's unit.

When Tekkadan made their last stand, only Dante's Landman Rodi was deployed. During a fight with a Graze, the Landman Rodi's right arm was severed at the elbow, but Dante managed to knock the enemy out with a punch. He was then ordered to fall back, and left his unit at the Mars HQ. Whether it and the other two Landman Rodis survived the orbital Dainsleif barrage is unknown.

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Notes & Trivia


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