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Hair Color
  • Black
  • Male
  • Member of Parliament
  • Prime Minister

Lasker Alesi (ラスカー・アレジ Rasukā Areji?) is a character featured in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS TV series. He is a member of parliament of the Earth-based Arbrau territories.

Background Information

Alesi is an ally and strong supporter of Togonosuke Makanai, the former Arbrau prime minister and representative. Upon meeting Makanai personally in Anchorage, Alesi promises the former Arbrau PM to lobby his fellow MPs to re-elect Makanai as the territory's leader in upcoming election held in Edmonton.

Personality & Skills

Calm in demeanor, Alesi developed a broad personal network among Arbrau MPs, to the extent that Makanai can count on him to sway the MP votes to his flavor, as long as Makanai can make it personally to Arbrau's Parliament in Edmonton while it is under the protection of Gjallarhorn.


P.D. 323

To stop Henri Fleurs from being elected as Arbrau's representative unopposed, Alesi tries to persuade the Speaker of the Arbrau Parliament to delay the election as Makanai has yet to arrive for the parliamentry session and the battle rages on between Gjallarhorn and Tekkadan forces inside downtown Edmonton. In the end, Makanai makes it to the parliament in the nick of time, and with Alesi previous lobbying among Arbrau MPs, Makanai is re-elected as Arbrau's prime minister.

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Notes & Trivia


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