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The Little Grey is a warship of the Crossbone Vanguard, Vanguard Unit 2. It is commanded by captain Onmo.

Technological Characteristics

Much like the Mother Vanguard, the Little Grey was designed to serve as a warship in the Crossbone Vanguard's second generation fleet. Like the Mother Vanguard the Little Grey possesses a form reminiscent of an old wooden ocean-going vessel that might have been seen in the 1700-1800's. However the Little Grey is smaller, less heavily armed, lacks beams shields, and has smaller hangers than the Mother Vanguard, suggesting that it was not a front line battle ship. Its original purpose may have been that of a cargo vessel as that was the role is most often played.

One of the most significant differences between the Mother Vanguard and the Little Grey is that the Little Grey lacks the Minosvsky Drive technology, instead relying on conventional engines that force it to take three month long trips to travel between planets and cannot be used within atmospheres.


Built sometime around the same time as the Mother Vanguard, the ship was captained by Onmo, a cousin of Berah Ronah that supported her ideals. During the war with the Jupiter Empire, up until the year UC 0133, the Little Grey served as a resupply vessel that traveled between the Earth and Jupiter spheres to bring needed supplies to the Mother Vanguard.

After the Mother Vanguard's destruction the reduced in size Crossbone Vanguard used the Little Grey as their mother ship. For three years the ship would travel, disguised as a legitimate cargo vessel for the Crossbone Vanguard's "day job" thanks to the sail's ability to fold down and the addition of additional living/cargo space. Should the Crossbone Vanguard need to appear as pirates the modifications can be quickly removed.


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