Living Dead Division (リビング・デッド師団 Ribingu Deddo Shidan?) is a faction of the Principality of Zeon in Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt. As it name suggest, its members composes of soldiers that received prosthetic body parts, making them no different to that of a living dead. For the most part this Zeon unit can be classed as an auxiliary combat unit, as it is limited in its tactical abilities. As a unit the size of the Living Dead Division is more like a squadron and is maintained from a Papua-class ship named Dried Fish and supported by several Musai class vessels.


The Living Dead Division stations upon the wreckage remains of Side 4 Moore. Their main objective is to guard it against the Federation Forces, especially the Moore Brotherhood which composed of the fallen colony's former residents. Elite members guarded it using Mobile Suits specifically made to the Thunderbolt Sector in conjunction with the Big Gun turrets that snipe upon incoming Federation forces.

The Living Dead Division had good success in their hit and run and long ranging sniping tactics against the Federation's advance fleets, however the Armored Gundam eventually proved overwhelming to their defense. Devastating losses were suffered by the division in its defense of the Thunderbolt Sector, however with the arrival of Zeon reinforcements the Living Dead managed to defeat the Federations advance and deny them use of the Thunderbolt Sector as a causeway for attacking the Zeon homeland. After this battle the remaining Living Dead Division soldiers were sent to A Baoa Qu to reorganize. After taking part in the fortresses' defense, and seeing the end of the war, a dozen or so Living Dead Division soldiers joined Daryl Lorenz in fighting for the Zeon Remnant Forces.

The Living Dead Division's combat complement was made up of a 20-24 mobile suits at its peak; however, constant combat and the eventual offensive launched by the Moore Brotherhood and the Gundam destroyed most of their Mobile Suits. Based on observations, it can be assumed that losses from the battle in the Thunderbolt sector exceeded well over 50% of Living Dead Division Soldiers. These losses came not just from the battle but also a Federation Boarding action and subsequent failed Zeon scuttling effort. Know survivors of this battle are Ensign Daryl Lorenz, Karla Mitchum, Chief Petty Officer Fisher Ness, and several dozen more supporting crew members.