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Londo Bell


Londo Bell (ロンド・ベル, Rondo Beru)




Purpose Special Operations Forces
Led by
Independent Faction No
Part of
First Seen
  • March 21, 0090 U.C.
Mecha and Technologies


Londo Bell is the Earth Federation Forces' special forces unit in during the UC 0090s. It formed not long after the First Neo Zeon War. It was created to replace the Titans. It was the only Federation group to see combat in Char's Counterattack.


Londo Bell was established on March 21, U.C.0090, after the first Neo Zeon war. It was formed as a replacement for the Titans with the main objective of fighting armed anti-government activities against the Earth Federation. The task force's headquarters are located in Londenion in Side 1. It was formed early on of mostly AEUG and Karaba members. It was commanded by veteran Bright Noa, with its mobile suit combat squads led by ace pilot Amuro Ray, the Londo Bell is designed as an elite unit to be dispatched in the event of a major insurgency.

In UC 0093, former Zeon officer/AEUG leader Char Aznable returns, after missing-in-action following the Gryps Conflict. After occupying the refugee colony Sweetwater without firing a single shot, he publicly declares himself the new leader of Neo-Zeon and war against the Earth. As a countermeasure, the Federation rapidly increases the size of the Londo Bell in anticipation of the Second Neo Zeon War, which begins in March UC 0093, backed by high-level government official John Bauer. During this conflict, the Londo Bell is comprised of three Clop-class cruisers: the Ra Zyme, the Ra Kiem and the Ra Chutter, along with the flagship Ra Cailum. Its mobile suit squadrons consists of 18 RGM-89 Jegans, a RGZ-91 Re-GZ (Refined Gundam Zeta) and Amuro's personal unit, the RX-93 ν Gundam. The Londo Bell is the only active group that sees action against Char's Neo-Zeon, chronicled in the full-length animated film Char's Counterattack, although Federation reinforcements are dispatched to assist.

By UC 0096, as told in the serial novel and OVA Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Londo Bell re-commissions the AEUG's Nahel Argama battleship, the same vessel used during the First Neo-Zeon War. The Nahel Argama is equipped with 8 new RGZ-95 ReZELs, 5 Jegans, and 1 Delta Plus. The task force's fleet size, however, is currently unknown, though it is likely larger following the Second Neo-Zeon War.

During the UC 0120s, the Londo Bell sees some action against the Crossbone Vanguard. While the specifics are unknown, the Londo Bell possesses two RX-99 Neo Gundams, although both are destroyed in a battle against the Crossbone Vanguard while serving aboard the Bladewood battleship. The Londo Bell's size is unknown and is never mentioned again after the Cosmo Babylonia Wars.


Londo Bell's personnel is composed of ex-AEUG and ex-Karaba members, many of whom served under Bright previously. Because so many of these people fought the Titans, they do their best to carry out their missions in methods far more humane and civilized manner than the Titans. Prior to the rise of the Second Neo-Zeon War, this task force spends most of its time inspecting colonies for remnant Zeon supporters. Unfortunately, they fail to pick up on the new Neo-Zeon threat due to the task force being greatly understaffed and that a number of colony citizens support Char's Neo-Zeon group to which they helped hide any evidence.


Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Spacecraft

Known Members

  • Yuu Kajima - a surviving veteran of the One Year War.
  • Chan Agi - is a technical officer for Londo Bell who helps Amuro.
  • Bright Noa - the former captain of the White Base, who fought with Londo Bell during the Second Neo Zeon movement.
  • Amuro Ray - who has served with Bright Noa many times in the past.
  • Riddhe Marcenas - is a pilot of a RGZ-95 ReZEL.
  • Otto Midas - is a captain of the Nahel Argama.
  • Mihiro Oiwakken - is an officer aboard the Nahel Argama.
  • Liam Borrinea - is a female officer.
  • Kayra Su - is a mobile suit pilot in the Second Neo Zeon movement.
  • Astonaige Medoz - is a technical officer who served in the Gryps Conflict, First and Second Neo Zeon movements.
  • Nigel Garrett - Ace pilot and leader of the Tri-Stars mobile suit team.
  • Fei Roshenade (non-canon) - Appears in Another Century's Episode 3: The Final.

In Other Media

Outside of the Gundam franchise, particularly in video games, Londo Bell is the name given to the combined group of playable characters and units composed of many Universal Century Gundam characters and their allies from other animated franchises, dedicated to fighting dangerous (and arguably, evil) factions in the games. Still headed by Bright, this is most prevalent in the Super Robot Wars series and is used extensively in the Classic Timeline and some of its handheld incarnations.

In the Classic Super Robot Wars timeline, Londo Bell was created from the 13th Autonomous Corps following the defeat of the original Divine Crusaders. Like their animated counterpart, they were horribly underfunded and understaffed (when you begin Super Robot Wars 3, you're only given the RX-78-2 Gundam, a RX-77-2 Guncannon, a handful of RGM-79 GM, and the Super Robots Mazinger-Z, Aphrodate A and a woefully underpowered Prototype Getter Robo), forcing the group to recruit other pilots once it becomes apparent that the Divine Crusaders still exist. The group sticks together until the end of the "third" Super Robot War in Super Robot Wars 4/4S/F and F Final.

Londo Bell also appears in the Super Robot Wars Alpha timeline. However, Londo Bell soon joins with other teams, such as the Preventers and the Gutsy Geoid/Galaxy Guard (of King of Braves GaoGaiGar fame) to become the Alpha Numbers.

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