Luna Base serves as the rear base of the Vagan's Earth Occupation force in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.


This base was a Earth Federation Forces lunar base. Residents of Olivernotes were evacuated to a colony located here during the Vagan invasion of Earth in A.G. 164. It fell to Vagan hands after Base Commander Aaron Simmons defected to the Vagans in A.G. 164. After defeating the Vagan forces at Rostroulan, the Earth Federation eventually launched an assault in hopes to recapture the base from Vagan hands.

The Bisidian led by "Captain Ash" participated in the battle, and aided the Federation forces, in an attempt to restore the balance between the two sides.

During the start of the battle, Federation forces had limited success in breaking through the Vagan defense lines. Due to this stalemate of sorts, former Commander-in-Chief Flit Asuno advised Admiral Frederick Algreus to use a plasma diver missile, which would have destroyed the base almost completely.

Although the Vagan forces had strong defenses, the Earth Federation achieved victory and reclaimed the base after Seric Abis's team infiltrated the base, with the aid of the Diva's Photon Blaster Cannon. Inside the base, Seric Abis warned the Vagan forces within the base's command center of the plasma diver missile. This resulted in the Vagan forces ceasing combat activities and retreating, leading to a Federation victory. The Vagan forces within the base were captured and the Federation reclaimed the base.

This battle is also notable as the first real combat deployment of one of the Federation's most advanced mobile suits, the AGE-FX Gundam AGE-FX piloted by Kio Asuno. The Gundam AGE-FX is a powerful X-Rounder mobile suit which played a key role in the battle of Luna Base and throughout the rest of the conflict with the Vagans.