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MA-05 Bigro

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MA-05 Bigro-MSV

333 MA-05 Bigro (from Mobile Suit Gundam)01:23

333 MA-05 Bigro (from Mobile Suit Gundam)

Unit Type

Limited Production Assault Space Mobile Armor




Model Number
  • MA-05
Developed from
Developed into
First Seen
Last Seen
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Overall Height
  • 23.6 meters77.428 ft
    929.134 in
Overall Length
  • 45.5 meters
Max Weight
  • 229.8 metric tons
Standard Weight
  • 125.5 metric tons
Power Output
  • 17800 kW23,870.192 hp
Sensor Range
  • 111000 meters364,173.229 ft
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only (in standard cockpit in main body)


Max Acceleration
  • 0.59 G
Rocket Thrusters
  • 136100 kg300,049.054 lb
    150.025 tons
  • 2 x Claw Arm
  • 2 x 4-tube Missile Launcher
  • Gatling Cannon (Late Model)
Special Equipments and Features
  • Minovsky Particle Scattering System

The MA-05 Bigro is a mobile armor from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam. It is piloted by Tokwan.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Before the One Year War began, there was a conceptual weapons competition between rival companies: one entry was MIPs MIP-X1 mobile armor, but it was rejected in favor of Zeonic Company's mobile suit technology. However, when the war started, Zeon took a second look at the MIP-X1 and retooled it into an anti-warship mobile armor, the MA-05 Bigro. It had a very powerful fusion reactor to power and a Minovsky particle scattering system that jammed warship and MS sensors. Propulsion was a pair of nuclear powered rocket engines, giving it a powerful thrust. The armament was a pair of large claw arms with limited AMBAC ability, a mega-particle cannon in the nose, and two 4-tube missile launchers. Later models were armed with additional gatling cannons [1].


  • Claw Arms
The mobile armor's main and only form of close combat are a pair of large, sharp claws mounted on its long arms. These are normally used for clawing at enemies and causing massive damage with a combination of the claw's strength and the momentum built up by the mobile armor. They could also be used for maneuvering in space.
  • Mega Particle Cannon
Mounted in the front of the mobile armor is a powerful mega particle cannon. This weapon has been shown to have enough power to destroy a battle ship with a single shot.
  • 4-tube Missile Launchers
Located just behind the mega particle cannon are a pair of 4-tube missile launchers which serve as secondary weapons in situations when the cannon is in the process of charging or is ineffective against an opponent.
  • Gatling Cannon
The late production models of Bigro feature large-caliber multi-tube Gatling cannons on the side of its main body. This shell-firing weapon serves as the Bigro's secondary weapon in situations when the mega particle cannon is ineffective or inappropriate against small, fast-moving opponents such as mobile suits or mobile pods. The Gatling Cannon has a high-rate of fire and it is able to damage the relatively light armor of a mass-produced Federation mobile weapons.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Minovsky Particle Scattering System
Bigro is equipped Minovsky Particle Scattering System, an unique device which disperse Minovsky particles to surrounding area which jammed the sensors of enemy mobile suits and warships and rendered Bigro undetectable.


Due to Bigro's late entry in the One Year War, only fourteen of these costly mobile armors were constructed. One was piloted by ace pilot Tokwan on-board Char Aznable's Zanzibar. It engaged the SCV-70 White Base, but was defeated by Amuro Ray in his RX-78-2 Gundam unit. Four of these types saw combat at the battle of A Baoa Qu. In U.C 0083 a Bigro unit would be operated by Captain Ewen Bader to battle the Cima Fleet. This machine was requisitioned after the One Year War for testing and was modified for combat again, it was painted white with an EFSF logo on it so that it would standout and not be mistaken for a Delaz Fleet machine.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Its name is a play on the words for "big claw".


  1. "Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO Mission Complete" book, pg. 69-70.

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