The MAJ-03 Shuichai was an aquatic mobile armor developed and used by the Human Reform League; it is now considered an outdated weapon and has since been phased out of regular service.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Shuichai is an aquatic mobile armor designed for combat in the ocean. It possesses no amphibious ability, the closest being its ability to surface, grab a target with its claws, and drag it under where the Shuichai would have the advantage. Since its claws are made of E-carbon they are difficult to break, this leads to the speculation that one of a Shuichai pilot's favorite tactics would be to grab the target with its claws, thus preventing them from dodging a full torpedo barrage. The light torpedo launchers may have been an effective weapon back when the Shuichai was new, and even in the year 2307 could have significantly damaged any modern mobile suit. However the weapon is ineffective against the armor of the more advanced Gundams. It possesses the same cockpit features as other early HRL mobile weapons. It is possible that like the MSJ-04 Fanton, the Shuichai is another machine that the HRL sold to independent groups.


  • 8-tube Light Torpedo Launcher
The Shuichai's primary weapon. The torpedo launchers surround the mobile armor's "head." Decently effective against modern armor until the advent of GN-Technology.
  • Carbon Claw
The Shuichai possesses two large manipulator claws made of E-Carbon. More useful as restraints than as a crushing weapon.


When Exia attacked a La Eden TGT Trootship in the Pacific Ocean, a Shuichai (hidden in the TGT Trootship) ambushed him. Due to Exia's superior weaponry and armor, the Shuichai was easily defeated after the small fight with Exia escaping virtually undamaged.

In Gundam 00F, Fon Spaak piloted the Sadalsuud Type F during an underwater mission to observe the Dynames Torpedo, during which both Meisters detected a terrorist Shuichai near the HRL orbital elevator, Tenchu. The Shuichai released a chemical that reacted with seawater which disrupted all sensors, preventing the Dynames Torpedo from getting a lock on. Fon, who was closer and whose Sadalsuud was equipped with an advanced sensor package used Hanayo to send sensor data through Veda to Lockon's Haro allowing Lockon/Dynames Tropedo to destroy the Shuichai by the GN Tropedo.

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  • In Chinese, Shuichai means "Water Jackal".


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