MAJ-S08 Xiaoshou (aka Xiaoshou), is a space mobile armor used by the Human Reform League prior to the introduction of mobile suits in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An obvious precursor to mobile suits, the Xiaoshou had a pair of humanoid arms attached to its torso, but no head or legs. Its sole armament was a single 80mm x 50 smoothbore gun. It was eventually replaced by the MSJ-06II-E Tieren Space Type.


  • 80mm x 50 Smoothbore Gun
A gun based on the smoothbore weapons technology of the HRL. Markedly less advanced then the linear weapons used by the Union and AEU. However the technology is quite reliable and dependable. The gun does not have the same rate of fire as the cannon however the longer barrel could point to greater range and accuracy.


  • Xiaoshou in Mandarin means "Roaring Beast", or "Bone Thin", a reference to its overall structure.
  • Xiaoshou structure is closer to mobile pod than mobile armor, with very small torso compare to its arms and the water tank.


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