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The MAN-05 Gromlin is a prototype newtype-use transformable anti-warship mobile armor, which appears in the SD Gundam G Generation video games.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The MAN-05 Gromlin is a heavy mobile armor intended mainly for anti-ship combat. Its leg serves as a movable thruster attached to its underside which gives it great chance of maneuverability and it can change into cruising mode for a higher mobility. The Gromlin weaponry are two movable mega particle cannons, and dozens of anti-air beam cannons. The Gromlin also has the ability to use its leg and sensor head as wired attack terminals with this much firepower it can easily sink a warship. In its cruising mode, the leg serves as the Gromlin's main vernier is locked at the rear of the machine, giving it immense thrust. If the Gromlin was ever completed the Principality of Zeon could have won the One Year War.


  • Variable Mega Launcher
  • Diffuse Beam Cannon
  • Wire-guided Head Unit
  • Beam Gun
  • Wire-guided Anchor Leg
  • Anti-Air Missile

Special Equipment & Features

  • Stealth System


The MAN-05 Gromlin was suppose to be deployed in 0079 U.C., but with the lack of technology and requirements the design process of the Gromlin was going slowly while the Principality of Zeon was losing the war against the Earth Federation. When the war ended the Gromlin was still under development. The Gromlin's data and related documents were erased to keep the machine in secrecy.




  • MAN stands for Mobile Armor Newtype.

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