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The Mistral is a mobile pod in the series Gundam SEED.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Since the Mistral is designed mainly for working operations, it doesn't carry any weaponry. If needed however, it can be equipped with two 40mm vulcan cannons for colony defense work but is horribly outclassed by any Mobile Suit or Mobile Armor. Their maneuverability is minimal; their thrusters are designed for precision movements rather than hard combat maneuvers.

To perform its intended duty as a working pod, the Mistral is equipped with four telescoping arms, which, if needed, can be detached from the main body and maneuver independently.

The Kimera is largely similar to the Mistral in terms of outward appearance, but since nearly every Kimera is a unique unit, each features different equipment and features. For example, the Kimera piloted by Kisato Yamabuki is equipped with a large scoop-style shovel, while that of Lowe Guele mounts mobile suit-style arms, one with a conventional hand and the other with a heavy drill bit.


The Mistral is a widely mass-produced mobile worker pod in use since CE 70. It is used mainly on ships and Space Colonys to perform various tasks like gathering resources, recovering damaged spacecraft, and similar duties which cannot be accomplished by MS alone. Mistral pods are used by many different groups, including the Earth Alliance, the Orb Union, the Junk Guild and the Serpent Tail mercenary group.

In January, CE 71, ZAFT attacked the neutral colony Heliopolis to steal the new Gundam mobile suits developed there by the Earth Alliance and Morgenroete. To defend the colony, several Mistrals were sent out to attack the ZAFT mobile suits but were easily defeated by the ZGMF-1017 GINN suits. Some days later, when the Archangel entered the Debris Belt to gather resources and water, the ship deployed its Mistrals to perform these duties and collect the items needed.


  • Kimera
Some customized Mistrals also exist, the most notable being the Junk Guild's distinctive Kimera pods. Kimeras are used primarily for salvage operations, and each one is a unique variant, customized to suit the specialty and personality of its pilot.


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