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The MRC-F31 Muttowooo is a transformable mobile suit, it was featured in the anime Turn A Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

As the war continued, the Moonrace decided to do some of their own excavation at the many mountain cycles on Earth, such as the one at Lost Mountain. The excavation yielded three Muttowooo mobile suits, as well as some nuclear warheads. The Muttowooo was designed to be used around Jupiter with ramjet engines powered by I-field scoops. The Muttowooos had a mobile suit mode and could transform into a mobile armor mode for extended flight. The only weapon it had were two heat nata swords which also doubled as beam rifles.


  • Heat Nata/Beam Rifle


The Muttowooos were immediately transported to the Dianna Counter's flagship Soleil and would later be used in combat against the Earth Militia's forces. Near the end of the war, the Dianna Counter forces would use more Muttowooos in combat against the Ghingham Fleet, though it's unknown whether they discovered more units or produced their own.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The design of the Muttowooo appears to be loosely based on the NRX-055 Baund Doc from the Universal Century, particularly it's half-egg shaped mobile armor form.
  • In SD Gundam G Generation Wars, World & Overworld the NRX-055 Baund Doc can evolve to the Muttowooo, also in this game series the ports on each side of the Muttowooo's lower body are depicted as beam cannons.


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