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The MS-04 Bugu is a mobile suit that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin OVA.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The MS-04 Bugu was completed using data gathered from the YMS-03 Waff, and it was designed with a focus on its mobility, maneuverability, making this the first mobile suit capable of handling genuine combat.

To improve its mobility, the power pipes that transmitted energy as part of the fluid pulse system were attached to the outside of its armor, and the increased supply of the energy used to drive its limb joints gave it very high maneuverability.[1]


System Features


As is often the case in the development of high-performance prototypes, the Bugu was designed with no regard for ease of production. With its high production cost, it was unsuited for mass production, and this role was given to the redesigned MS-05 Zaku I. Though the Bugu never entered mass production, several units were built. Because it has better basic performance than the mass-produced Zaku I, one of these units is given to Ramba Ral, who served as a test pilot during the mobile suit's development. Painted in his blue personal colors, it participates in a battle in Mare Smythii on the lunar surface.


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