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The MS-04 Prototype Zaku is a mobile suit built by the Principality of Zeon several years before the One Year War. The mobile suit itself only appeared as part of the MS Collection.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Due to the poor mobility of the MS-03 Prototype Zaku, the design was revised leading to the development of the MS-04. It featured twice the speed of the MS-03 and adopted the revolutionary Minovsky type fusion reactor. The Prototype Zaku has no weapons installed on it but can optionally use a 100mm machine gun, however, it was deemed inadequate for anti-ship combat. Plans for the Zaku Bazooka were soon drawn up.


  • 100mm Machine Gun
A shell firing gun that does not require energy to be used, however its effectiveness against heavy armor is very little.


Following the introduction of the MS-03 Prototype Zaku, Zeonic Company created an advanced version of this suit which would result in the creation of the MS-04. Unlike the MS-03, the MS-04 was equipped with a Minovsky type fusion reactor and stronger armor than its predecessor. Because of poor cost efficiency, development eventually led to the creation of the simplified MS-05B Zaku I.


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