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MS-06 Zaku II Gunner

Unit Type

Custom Artillery Space Mobile Suit


Photo Novel


Model Number
  • MS-06
Developed from
First Seen
  • 680mm Xamel Cannon "Specter's Bullet"
  • Shield

The MS-06 Zaku II Gunner first appears in the Dengeki Hobby Magazine Mobile Suit Gundam Secret Weapons Phantom Bullets design series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Zaku II Gunner was a specialized version of the MS-06F Zaku II designed for long-range bombardment missions, as such, was extensively modified to carry the YMS-16M Xamel's large 680mm artillery cannon (nickednamed "Specter's Bullet" when attached to the Zaku II Gunner). The Gunner type uses the base frame of the MS-06F Zaku II, rather than a J type, because it was meant to be used on the lunar surface. To offset the powerful recoil the Specter’s Bullet produces when firing, large treads were fitted to the knee and of the Gunner type which would be in a kneeling position when readying to fire the cannon. The "Specter's Bullet" cannon was fitted with its own support base, and the Gunner steadied the front end of the cannon's muzzle to ensure accurate firing. The Gunner Type was also equipped with a large head-mounted camera unit that supports ultra long-range targeting.


  • 680mm Xamel Cannon "Specter's Bullet"
  • Shield


Designed to work in tandem with the MS-06F Zaku II Range Finder Type "God's Eye", These two specialized Zaku II's were escorted by a Gelgoog, where the Gunner type was used to bombard lunar cities.

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