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The MS-07G-2 Gouf Tactical Assault Type is a variant from the Universal Century timeline. It's featured as a part of the MSV-R line.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The MS-07G-2 Gouf Tactical Assault Type is a redesigned MS-07B Gouf variant with emphasis on increased fire power, it does not suffer from range disadvantages like the Gouf Heavy Arms Type. It is equipped with a Gun Pack on the left arm, which contains a machine gun, rifle, flamethrower and rocket launcher. It is also armed with a back-mounted 120mm gatling gun. The legs feature additional thrusters to compensate for the increased weight of the additional weapons.


  • Gun Pack
The Gouf's left arm is equipped with a Gun Pack, which contains a machine gun, a medium-range rifle, a flamethrower, and a small rocket launcher attached all together as one weapon.
  • Heat Rod
Stored in the Gouf's right arm is a tentacle-like heat rod weapon. The heat rod could be superheated to give it cutting properties. If the heat rod is not used as a slicing weapon it can be used to grapple enemy units and is capable of delivering an electric shock upon contact.
  • 120mm Gatling Gun
The gatling gun is a medium-range weapon mounted on the Gouf for anti-air and anti-ground attacks.
  • Shield
An optionally fixed armament of the Gouf was a shield attached to one of its arms, which stored its handheld melee weapon, the heat sword.
  • Heat Sword Type
A melee weapon originally developed for the Gouf line of mobile suits. Like the Zaku's heat tomahawk, the heat sword has a blade that is heated to high temperatures in order to increase its cutting capacity. The heat sword however has a longer reach and hence a greater range of attack than the heat tomahawk.


Around thirty-eight MS-07G-2 Gouf units were manufactured and primarily used in force reconnaissance operations. It is known to have seen combat along with the MS-07G-1 Gouf Vijayanta in North America in November, U.C.0079.

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