The MS-07R-35 Gouf R35 is a Gunpla from Gundam Build Fighters, built and piloted by Mr. Ral.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A modified version of the MS-07B Gouf from Mobile Suit Gundam, the Gouf R35 has almost double the weaponry and vastly improved mobility. The latter is due to additional thrusters on its back and the modified leg units. The suit can also mount a custom backpack add-on to further improve its mobility. Unlike the original Gouf, which is restricted to ground use, the Gouf R35 can be used in space.


  • Heat Rod
A close-range weapon stored in the suit's right forearm. This retractable cable can be superheated to give it cutting properties. It can also be used to grapple enemy units, and is capable of delivering an electric shock upon contact.
  • Heat Saber
Based upon the main melee weapon of the MS-07B Gouf. The Gouf R35 mounts two of these, but stores them in the new leg parts rather than its shields.
  • Shield
Similar to the MS-07B Gouf's shield, they are fitted on each arm atop the vulcan pods.
  • Vulcan Pod
The Vulcan Pod is a five barrel machine gun mounted on top of each forearm in a fashion similar to the MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom's 3-barrel 35mm machine gun. It is based on the MS-07B Gouf's left hand, with the gun barrels shaped to look like fingers.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Custom Backpack
An optional backpack add-on to boost the suit's aerial and space mobility. It consists of a rocket booster, and an attitude control thruster unit which is designed after those used by Zeon soldiers. The former improves the suit's speed while the latter improves the suit's maneuverability.


When Sei's companions are having a hard time holding off legions of Mocks, Mr. Ral in his Gouf R35 and Master Chinan in his Master Gundam arrived to aid them and destroyed multiple enemies with their signature combination technique, displaying great strength and power of the Gunpla veterans.

For the Gouf R35's history, please go to Mr. Ral's page

Picture Gallery


  • The 'R35' refers to Ral and his age of 35 (as mentioned in episode 14 of Gundam Build Fighters). The original Ramba Ral was 35 during the events of Mobile Suit Gundam, a series which aired 35 years prior to this machine's introduction.
    • This could also have a double meaning as Rise 35, the theme for the 35th anniversary of the Gundam franchise.
    • The R35 codename, which was meant to indicate Ral's age at the time he built it is a reference to the F-50D Guntank R-44 from Mobile Suit Gundam F91, as it gained an unofficial model number RXR-44 from Roy Jung, whom acquired it by the time his age was 44 years old.

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