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The MS-09F/Gb Dom Gross Beil ("Gross Beil" is German for "Big Axe") is a Rick Dom variant featured in the SD Gundam series of video games.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The specifications were extremely ambitious, calling for good long range performance, excellent agility, and heavy armament. Created at the same time as the land warfare mobile suit MS-09F/trop Dom Tropen, it shared many of the same parts and has a similar external appearance. With the addition of several thrusters contained within the legs and skirt, its mobility was significantly enhanced, equal to that of the MS-14B Gelgoog High Mobility Type. Designed mainly for enhanced close-quarter combat abilities, its distinctive armament includes a heat knife and a large heat saber with a built-in thruster.


  • Scattering Beam Gun
  • Heat Saber
  • Large Heat Saber
  • Heat Knife


In UC 0079, The Zimmad Company soon realized that the new Zeonic Company mobile suits would represent a serious technological advantage over existing Zimmad machines. The Dom Gross Beil was developed in response to the new MS-14A Gelgoog mobile suit that replaced the Dom series. However, the war ends just as the design is on the verge of completion, and its development is halted before it can reach the prototype stage.

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