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The MS-108 Marasai-E is a mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Revival of Zeon manga series.

Techonology & Combat Characteristics

A RMS-108 Marasai designed for space combat, the Marasai-E features a large number of vernier thrusters for precision control in space. Its angular head design is a reminder to the MS' initial purpose: the commander machine to the RMS-106 Hizack in Titans forces.


The Marasai-E is the first version of the Marasai to be put on production. As the Gryps War went on, the Hizack became obsolete to AEUG's RMS-099 Rick Dias and SA-003 Nemo, which pushed Titans to make the Marasai-E as their main fighting force. However, the decision didn't prevent their eventual downfall.

After Gryps War, the remained Marasai-E switched hands to the Zeon Remnants that participated in both the First Neo Zeon War and the Second Neo Zeon War. In a operation orchestrated by Char Aznable to distract EFF from Fifth Luna and to pull the remained forces on Earth, several Marasai-E stood up to Federation forces attacking their Scandinavian base. The outdated space-use MS in their unintended combat environment were quickly downed by a A/FMSZ-007II Zeta squadron's initial assault.

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