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The MS-15C Gyan Cannon is a mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam Gihren’s Greed video game series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A Gyan variant, much like the MS-14C Gelgoog Cannon, developed for medium-range support. In addition to reinforced armor, its armament is also changed and the suit is armed with four head-mounted vulcan guns, two backpack-mounted cannons, two arm-mounted 3-tube grenade launchers and can use a beam sword for melee combat.


  • Vulcan Gun
Used to shoot down missiles, or hit other fast moving targets. They also made good use as an anti-aircraft and anti-personnel weapons.
  • Cannon
A pair of backpack-mounted cannons, fires HE ammunition.
  • 3-tube Grenade Launcher
Replacing the missile shield of the Gyan is a pair 3-tube Grenade Launchers, one mounted on each forearm, and serving as a mid to close range ranged weapon.
  • Beam Sword
The primary melee weapon of the Gyan Cannon, the beam sword has a higher output than the Earth Federation Forces' beam sabers, and is specialized for slashing and piercing/stabbing attack. Resembling a medieval knight's sword, the beam sword use Minovsky particles held in place by an I-Field to form an effective cutting surface that can slice through nearly any material.


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