The MS-17 Galbaldy α (Galbaldy Alpha) is a prototype general purpose mobile suit that originally appeared in the proposed original design series MS-X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

One of Zeon's last mobile suits, the MS-17 Galbaldy α was originally intended to be a successor to the YMS-15 Gyan. However, Zeon's higher ranks rejected the Gyan as their new front-line mobile suit in favor of the more versatile MS-14A Gelgoog. As a result, the Galbaldy's production lines were hastily refitted to suit this change, essentially making the Galbaldy a combination of the two designs.

Constructed at the asteroid base Pezun, the Galbaldy α's main equipment consisted of the Gelgoog's beam rifle and a beam saber with output somewhere between the Gelgoog's beam naginata and the Gyan's beam sword. It also carried a shield modeled after the Gelgoog's large Zulu-style shield, but scaled down.


  • Beam Saber
The standard close range armament for most mobile suits. The beam saber is a small cylindrical device held in the mobile suit's hands when operated and is powered by an energy capacitor that is recharged from special racks. The beam saber emits a blade of plasma contained by an I-Field and is capable of cutting through almost any metal that has not been treated with anti-beam coating.
  • Shield
A basic optional arm-mounted defense armament for many mobile suits. The shield is a thick sheet of armor designed to take severe punishment that would normally destroy a mobile suit. Since the introduction of beam weaponry, shields have been treated with an anti-beam coating allowing it to withstand several beam shots before the coating wears off. Typically physical shields can only take so much damage before they succumb to the pressure and break. The shield of the Galbaldy Alpha is a scaled-down version of the Gelgoog's Zulu-style shield.
  • Knuckle Shield
The knuckle shield is a modified Zaku II shoulder shield that mounts on the left arm. When mounted on the forearm the curve of the armor fits over the mobile suits hand. One of the modifications is the additions of three spikes placed on the plate that rests in front of the hand. These spikes make the knuckle shield an effective bashing weapon. During the events in Mobile Suit Gundam The Plot to Assassinate Gihren, the Gihren's Guard's Galbaldy α was equipped with a Knuckle Shield.
  • Beam Rifle
The same beam rifle used by the Gelgoog. The beam rifle is powered by a rechargeable energy cap and capable of firing concentrated mega particles, a shot can damage any ordinary armor that has not been specially treated to resist beam attacks.
  • 8-barrel 420mm Rocket Launcher


The One Year War came to an end before the Galbaldy could be mass-produced. There are scattered records of the Galbaldy participating in occasional skirmishes as well as a sighting of one at A Baoa Qu and a handful of units participating in the defense of the Pezun asteroid base, but for the most part it saw little to no combat.

In the years following the war, the Federation seized the plans for the Galbaldy α and refined it, producing the RMS-117 Galbaldy β. This mobile suit would go on to become one of the Federation's mainstay units at the beginning of the Gryps Conflict, before quickly being phased out for more advanced models.


This land combat variant appeared in the original design series Fukuchi Mobile Suit Station and is designed by Hitoshi Fukuchi.



Action Figures

Notes and Trivia

  • The Galbaldy α was one of many mobile suits slated to appear in the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. However, the series' low ratings and subsequent cancellation led to a massive revision of the original script, which nixed the Galbaldy completely. Had it appeared, the Galbaldy α would have been piloted by Char Aznable (presumably in his custom red colors), as well as Paccadelia, a "semi-esper" and subordinate of the Newtype Challia Bull.


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