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Official Name

S Gundam Booster Unit Type

Head Height

  • 15.81 m
    51.87 ft
    622.441 in

Overall Height

  • 19.16 m
    62.861 ft
    754.331 in

Base Weight

  • 82.18 t

Full Weight

  • 220.13 t

Generator Output

  • 12250 kW
    16,427.52 hp

Total Thrust

  • 8 x 267500 kg
    589,736.385 lb
    294.868 tons
  • 2140000 kg
    4,717,891.08 lb
    2,358.946 tons
    (total thrust)

Attitude Control Verniers

  • 16

Maximum Acceleration

  • 9.72 G

Effective Sensor Radius

  • 18800 m
    61,679.79 ft


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General Data


Developed From

First Deployment

Known Pilots



  • "ALICE" (experimental Artificial Intelligence)

Standard Armaments


  • 4 x 60mm Vulcan Gun (head)
  • 4 x 60mm Vulcan Gun (tail)
  • 4 x Beam Cannon


  • Beam Smart Gun

Real World Information

Mechanical Designer

The MSA-0011[Bst] S Gundam Booster Unit Type is a variant of the MSA-0011 S Gundam. It is featured in the photo-novel Gundam Sentinel.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The original plan during the mission was to have the S Gundam upgraded in the field by the engineers of Task Force Alpha. In the planning phases for the eventual upgrade of the S Gundam to the MSA-0011[Ext] Ex-S Gundam the mechanics aboard the Pegasus III created several huge booster engine packs. However, when portions of the Federation Fleet were ambushed by New Desides forces they decided to modify the S Gundam by adding two of the boosters in place of the S Gundam's legs. The result was the MSA-0011[Bst] S Gundam Booster Unit Type, and it was immediately sent out to help the beleaguered Federation Forces. The S Gundam Booster Unit Type turned out to be a blazingly fast mobile suit, and it featured two extra beam cannons on the large booster units on its backpack, but with a reduced number of apogee motors and vernier thrusters that are used to control its attitude and maneuver properly the unit suffered severe drawbacks once it got into close range or had to slow down or stop moving. However, the unit is extremely useful in assault missions and had the highest acceleration in all mobile suits losing only to V2 Gundam's 20G suicidal acceleration.


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
Mounted on the main frame. Used to shoot down missiles, not so effective in MS combat.
  • Beam Cannon
Mounted on the back of the MS, output rated at 12 MW.
Mounted in the head, has an output of 3.8 MW. A remote weapon designed for use with the quasi-psycommu system. These disc-shaped devices are armed with internal beam guns and controlled via wire cables. Every time an INCOM changes its flight direction, it deploys a tiny relay INCOM to hold the wire in place and maintain its connection to its parent mobile suit. When the pilot recalls the INCOM, it retraces its course as the wire is retracted.
  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
Mounted on the tail stabilizer of this unit.
  • Beam Smart Gun
An optional armament, has an output of 56 MW.

Special Equipment & Features

  • A.L.I.C.E. System (Advanced Logistic & In-consequence Cognizing Equipment)
It is an artificial intelligence, that co-pilots the S Gundam. It intervenes several times to save Ryou and, over time, develops true self-awareness.


The S Gundam Booster Unit Type was only deployed once. Soon afterwards the S Gundam was able to be fully upgraded into the Ex-S Gundam. On March 1, U.C. 0088, The S Gundam Booster Unit Type is used to breach the defensive net around the asteroid base Pezun and destroy the power satellite SOL 7804, thus cutting off the power supply of the New Desides forces.


Picture Gallery

Notes and Trivia


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