The MSAM-033 Gundam G-Arcane is a mobile suit featured in the Gundam Reconguista in G anime series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

One of the G-Series and a transformable mobile suit built by Amerian Army based on their Hermes Rose blueprint. Due to different in technology level, the G-Arcane is an inferior copy. Amerian army can only apply the photon frame to the head part instead of the whole mobile suit. As result, it is incompatible with most of the equipment packs developed by Amerian army.

However, G-Arcane is still a high performance mobile suit. The skirt-like booster on its hip is capable of sustained atmospheric flight and can transform to increase its speed.

After Megafauna's trip to Venus Globe, G-Arcane is upgraded with Full Dress equipment using VGMM-Gb03 Gaeon's spare parts taken from G-IT Laboratory. The Full Dress equipment replace the booster with a large battery pack and a set of binders. As well as attach photon balancers to the G-Arcane's head.


  • Head Vulcan
  • Beam Saber
  • Beam Wire
  • Anti-Ship Rifle
The main armament of the G-Arcane. Despite its powerful firepower, the anti-ship rifle is large and heavy, make it unwieldy and not suit to use against other mobile suit. The rifle can emit beam along its barrel to be used as a large beam sword, but this mode consume so much energy that it only last for short period.
  • Beam Rifle
  • Shield
  • Sensor Burner
  • Laser Cannon

Special Equipment & Features

  • BPAM-05 Assault Pack



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Notes & Trivia

  • The G-Arcane resembles the design of L-Gaim Mark II from the animated series Heavy Metal L-Gaim and may be a homage of the second recurring mecha in the series. The long range rifle, the wrist shield and the wings side-skirts are innate representations of L-Gaim Mark II.
  • The G-Arcane's Full Dress layout resembles the GN-010 Gundam Zabanya's GN Holster Bits layout.

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