The MSER-04 Anf (aka Anf), is a mass-produced MS of the Human Reform League that was better known as the MSJ-04 Fanton in its earlier days in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. In season 1, the Anf was used by non-aligned middle eastern countries. By season 2, they are used by Katharon.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Anf is actually a modified MSJ-04 Fanton, created by the Human Reform League to export to other nations anf factions. As with other HRL designed mobile weapons, the Anf features numerous throwback designs, such as heavier armor and less advanced weapons compared to other mobile suits of its era.

The Anf is armed with a machine gun under its "head", likely an anti-personnel weapon. It also features arm-mounted smoothbore gun similar to the MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground Type's smoothbore gun. Like its successor, the Tieren series, the Anf is comparable to a bipedal tank in terms of speed and maneuverability. Compared to the Fanton, the Anf possesses a more powerful anti-mobile suit smoothbore weapon, but the Anf lacks the Fanton's shield and carbon spear, or any close-range weapon for that matter. The Anf's machine gun also gives it superior anti-personnel combat ability, a useful trait for the wars the Anf would be used in after being sold.


  • 200 x 25mm Smoothbore Gun
The primary weapon of the Anf is a smoothbore gun, similar to the one used on the MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground Type, mounted on the left arm. It is the weapon of choice against armored vehicles and enemy mobile suits.
  • 30mm Machine Gun
This projectile weapon found below the Anf's optical sensor, replacing the Fanton's original smoothbore gun. The smoothbore weapon fires a 30mm round that is used in anti air or in rare cases, anti MS attacks. Possess low destructive power. This armament is commonly used as an anti-personnel weapon capable of firing rounds with enough power to leave large holes in stone walls.


The Anf is a modified export version of the Human Reform League's MSJ-04 Fanton. The MSER-Anf's original specifications and armaments have been modified and the mobile suit has been sold to numerous independent nations that do not posses their own mobile suit production program, many in the Middle East. This process of modification and selling off began as early as the year AD 2301, possibly earlier.

For a mobile suit, the Anf's selling price can be considered to be quite cheap thus making it suitable for poor regions like Africa and the Middle East.[1] Another reason for its popularity is due to the fact that is easy to repair and has a low breakdown rate.[1] Fossil fuels are also rare outside of the Middle East, so the Human Reform League produces a chemical reaction engine version for use in these regions.[1] Most of the newer Anfs made are of this variety.[1]

Trading companies are usually involved in the process of selling Anfs.[1] There have been many cases where areas that ban weapons import receive work-version Anfs, only for the very same suppliers to convert them into weapon-versions[1] Some companies also have the practice of taking older Fanton units retired by the army and sold them as newly made units.[1]

One of the countries to purchase a large number of these mobile suits was the Kingdom of Azadistan, which proceeded to use them in a war against the Republic of Krugis sometime before AD 2301. In the war the Anf proved to be an effective unit, easily dealing with the armed workloader units, vehicles, and infantry that the Republic of Krugis could deploy. The Anf would be continued to be used by Azadistan in the year AD 2307. As seen during Azadistan's civil war, where a coup d'état group unsuccessfully attempted to use Anf units to attack and destroy the solar power receiving station being built by the UN. Anfs were also seen guarding the royal palace of Azadistan.

In Australia's construction industry, the Anfs are more popular then Union-made mobile suits because of their durability (despite the fact that Australia itself is part of the Union).[1] Australia also possessed a small number of fighting capable Anfs that it uses to support the protection of the Union's Orbital Elevator in emergency situations.[1]

Terrorist groups were also known to make use of this mobile suit, such as the group that attempted to attack a nuclear facility in the Taklamakan Desert. This group was unknowingly being used by the three superpowers to lure Celestial Being into a trap.

Even after the formation of the Earth Sphere Federation, the Anf remained the most common mobile suit used in the world.[1] The most prominent group that still used the Anf in AD 2312 was Katharon. Like most of Katharon's mobile weapons, Anfs used by Katharon were painted in a blue color scheme.


  • Construction Type
An Anf created to be used as a large work loader. These type of Anfs carries no weapons, it can be only distributed to regions around the world where weapons are prohibited.[1] However, in some of those regions after a purchase has been made some would add weapons to it.[1]
  • HRL Type
Anfs used after the mobile suits Tieren has been adopted. Many units are modified from MSJ-04 Fanton.
  • Manufactured State Type
This Anf is the default state which will be modified according to the future owner's preference.
  • Earth Sphere Federation Type
Primarily used to subdue hostile personnel to maintain order. Additional armor plates have been added to repel rocket strikes and the main camera has a clear cover over it.
  • External Distribution Standard Type
A configuration that was developed to be used in Africa and the Middle East with desert and arid terrain.
  • Winter Camouflage Type
Anfs assigned in Europe and Russia that are originally in night combat colors are switched into a winter camouflage. Since this camouflage uses a lot of paint, the top part is painted most intensively as it can increase the chances of avoiding attacks from aircraft which are most troublesome to Anfs.
  • AEU Type
Intended to be used in the urban areas within and around the African region where no strong mobile suits exist. The blue paint scheme on the top half is meant to blend in with the sky to minimize detection from personnel at ground level, while the bottom half blends in with buildings. This makes it effective in non radar use areas.
  • Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations Type
These Anfs are captured from an HRL's invasion from Alaska. It belongs to the Union land combat MS training and strategic research division which they use as targets in tests and training sessions. It is said they are extremely rare unit within the Union.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Anf means "nose" in Arabic.
  • The Anf's crude appearance, brown color scheme, origination in the HRL (which includes Russia), and it's use in numerous wars in the middle east seem to equate it to the Mobile Suit version of an AK-47 Assault Rifle- heavily exported and used by numerous third-world nations. 


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