The MSJ-04T Fanton Commander Type (aka Fanton) is a commander-use model of MSJ-04 Fanton. An older model MS later converted and sold off to third parties as the MSER-04 Anf. It first appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam 00P.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Near the advent of 24th century AD, the Advanced European Union and Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations sought to develop advanced high-speed, high-maneuverability mobile suits. However the Human Reform League preferred to use proven technology and designs in their mobile suits. These designs include using heavy armor at the cost of speed and maneuverability alongside heavy weapons, making HRL mobile suits such as the Fanton akin to bipedal tanks.

The Fanton's armaments were designed for taking out mobile suits and armored vehicles. Its ranged weapon is a long-barrel clip-fed 155 x 50mm smoothbore gun mounted underneath the unit's head. The Fanton can carry a total of five clips, one inserted into the gun, and another four carried on the hip armor. For close range combat the Fanton is equipped with a carbon spear. The carbon spear was not as advanced as the sonic blades other nations had in development but it was easier to maintain and had a greater reach. Lastly the Fanton had thick shield mounted on its left forearm for defensive purposes.

Unlike the Tieren, the Fanton uses fossil fuels for power, not hydrogen. The vents on the backpack are used to cool down the engine and discharge smoke.

The Fanton Commander Type has few differences from the standard Fanton unit. One of the main differences is additional antennae on the unit's head, and it can be assumed that the Fanton Commander Type has better communications due to this. The Fanton Commander Type has the same exact armaments as the standard Fanton.


  • 155 x 50mm Smoothbore Gun
The 155 x 50mm smoothbore gun was the primary weapon of the Fanton, located under its head. The weapon is clip-fed and can easily be reloaded thanks to the spare clips the mobile suit carries. This gun would be replaced by a more powerful arm mounted 200 x 25mm smoothbore gun when the Fanton was modified and sold as the MSER-04 Anf.
  • Carbon Spear
A close range weapon with a large blade of E-Carbon. This pole-arm weapon stands as tall as the Fanton, giving it great reach in close combat.
  • Shield
A prominent plate shield mounted on the Fanton's left arm. It is the Fanton's basic defensive armament.


The Fanton is an Human Reform League mobile suit used before the 24th century AD. The Fanton played a vital role in defending the HRL's Orbital Elevator while it was still under construction. By the year AD 2301 the Fanton had virtually ceased to exist in the HRL forces as many of the Fanton units had been modified into the MSER-04 Anf and exported to other nations and factions. By the year AD 2301, the Fanton was replaced by the more advanced MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground Type as the HRL's main front line unit.

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  1. Fanton Data File

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