MSJ-06II-LC Tieren Long-Range Cannon Type (aka Tieren Long-Range Cannon Type, Tieren), is a variant of HRL's MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground Type in season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A Tieren variant customized for artillery use, capable of highly accurate targeting from well beyond standard range. In terms of torso structure, it is drastically different from other units of the Tieren line. The central chest structure is shifted ventrally to allow the base mount of the unit's smoothbore cannon to occupy the standard position of the MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground Type's dorsal box. As the top surface of the torso is cleared for a barrel rest, the Tieren's signature mono-eye system has been substituted with a pair of rotatable optical sensors on the sides of the chest protrusion. The enlarged chest also contains a second cockpit seat for a gunner. The cannon is used with the unit's partially variable tripod position, wherein balance, stability of aim, and recoil handling are improved by locking the knee joints and deploying an extra anchor-leg from the expanded posterior of the torso.

Already low on manueverability due to extremely high mass, the unit is rendered completely immobile in tripod position, and is defensively incapable of independent action. Thus the Tieren Long-Range Cannon Type is generally used as a long-ranged support unit.


  • 300 x 50mm Smoothbore Cannon
  • 30mm Machine Gun
This projectile weapon is commonly found mounted on the left part of the chest of the HRL's Tieren units. The smoothbore weapon fires a 30mm round that is used in anti air or in rare cases, anti MS attacks. Possess low destructive power.
  • Shields
Two prominent plate shields normally docked to the front of both of the unit's lower legs, extending upwards to the hip. Two smaller shields are mounted onto each shoulder.


The Tieren Long-Range Cannon Type was first seen on the island of Ceylon providing fire support for the Tamil Tiger's MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground Types against the Sinhalese MSER-04 Anfs. Upon the arrival of the Exia and Dynames they were quickly destroyed by Dynames.

More Tieren Long-Range Cannon Type units was also seen on the Taklamakan Desert providing fire support for the united forces of the AEU, HRL, and the Union against the Gundams.

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