The MSM-03C Hygogg is a mass-produced amphibious mobile suit appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. They are piloted by Mikhail Kaminsky, Andy Strauss and Gabriel Ramirez Garcia of Zeon's Cyclops Team.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Hygogg was a development of the MSM-03 Gogg. Although the Gogg was one of the first true amphibious mobile suits, it was handicapped by several problems which included being under-powered, limited armament, and poor performance on land. The Gogg's manufacturer, Zimmad, started looking at ways to address the Gogg's shortcomings, which resulted in the development of MSM-03C Hygogg model. Introduced shortly after Operation Odessa, this new machine introduced a number of structural changes in order to accommodate a more powerful generator. Its streamlined shape allowed for greater mobility both on land and in water and used large twin hydrojet thrusters for water propulsion. The arms are housed within the retractable shoulder armors, and its legs could be retracted during underwater travel to reduce water resistance.

As it used a redesigned frame, the Hygogg was significantly lighter than its predecessor while increasing its performance in mobile suit combat and maintaining proper balance that surpassed its counterpart, the MSM-07E Z'Gok-E. Additionally, production costs were reduced due to the implementation of standardized parts, including the cockpit, derived from the United Maintenance Plan, which greatly enhanced repairs and servicing. While the Hygogg's torso was armed with a pair of 120mm machine cannons and torpedo launchers for a variety of combat roles, its primary weapons were hand-mounted beam cannons similar to the Z'Gok series, allowing better ranged attack. In U.C. 0096, Hygogg units used by a Pirate faction had the hand beam cannons replaced with a pair of gatling guns.


  • Beam Cannon
The beam cannons in the Hygogg's multi-segmented arms use energy capacitor (E-CAP) technology, giving the Hygogg a higher rate of fire and a much wider firing arc.
  • Gatling Gun
In place of the hand beam cannons, the Hygogg could sport a pair of shell-firing gatling guns.
  • Torpedo Launcher
Four torpedo tubes are mounted in the head.
  • 120mm Machine Cannon
Rapid-firing weapons that use live ammunition, they are mounted in the body.
  • Hand Missile Unit
The Hygogg could be equipped with an optional "hand missile unit" on each arm. They featured water-proof panels so that the missiles could be stored when the Hygogg traveled under water, and can be blown away when the missiles are launched.
  • Vise Claw
The Vise Claw features improved efficiency and hand-to-hand combat capabilities thanks to new joints.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Hydrojet Booster Pack
An optional back-mounted booster device used by the MSM-03C Hygogg and MSM-07E Z'Gok-E. This so-called jet pack actually contains a pair of chemical rockets, which the mobile suit uses to launch out of the water and glide to a landing. It is also equipped with a searchlight. The expended jet pack is then detached and discarded.


Only limited numbers of the MSM-03C variant were built towards the end of the One Year War. In December U.C. 0079, Zeon's Cyclops Team special forces was operating three units of Hygogg to attack an Earth Federation Forces Antarctic base in an attempt to destroy a prototype mobile suit. The mission failed as the prototype was launched into space before any of the Zeon mobile suits could destroy it. Some Hygogg units would survive the One Year War, and find their way into the hands of various factions in U.C. 0096. They would modify the Hygoggs with different weaponry.


  • Hygogg Renato Brothers Custom

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Notes and Trivia

  • Gundam SEED's UMF-5 ZnO bears a lot of similarities to the Hygogg, designed after it as the Cosmic Era's parallel equivalent.
  • A Hygogg made a brief cameo in Gundam Build Fighters as the second unit seen used by the Renatos. Ironically, it was seen after destroying a ZnO, which is the Cosmic Era's parallel equivalent.
  • The Hygogg's arms seem to be the base or otherwise have an uncanny resemblance to the large claw-tipped tentacles on the MSN-02MR Hell Zeong Marine used by C in Gundam Build Fighters. This may be intentional as both are amphibious Mobile Suits.


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