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The MSM-04G Juaggu (ジュアッグ Juaagu?), also translated as Juagg, is a prototype amphibious mobile suit and was first featured in the original design series MSV and made its animated debut in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Juaggu was an amphibious mobile suit loosely based on the MSM-04 Acguy and designed to provide medium-range fire support for other mobile suits on the front lines. The Juaggu's standard weaponry consisted of two very large 3-tube 320mm rocket launchers in place of hands and a bank of four mega-particle cannons in its torso. However, the rocket launchers could be replaced with large-caliber vulcan cannons, and the Juaggu could also be outfitted with standard 5-finger manipulators if needed.

Because of its role as medium-range artillery unit, the Juaggu didn't need to trade its armor for mobility. As the events of the battle of Dakar in UC 0096 would show, the Juaggu is quite heavily armored. It is able to withstand concentrated enemy fire while being able to dish out physical punishment to its enemies with its massive extremities. These qualities make the Juaggu a dangerous threat to even more advanced mobile suits than itself.


  • 3-tube 320mm Rocket Launcher
As a mobile suit designed for mid-range fire support, the Juaggu was originally outfitted with an array of rocket launchers on each arm in place of manipulators. These 320mm rockets were designed with base bombardment in mind, as the Juaggu was intended for use underwater and in the dense jungles of South America.
  • 3-barrel Vulcan Cannon
In place of the rocket launchers, the Juaggu could also sport an array of vulcan cannons built into the same fixed 3-tube housings. As seen in the battle at Dakar, these large-caliber vulcans are able to easily penetrate the armor of an RGM-79R GM II, and may be able to damage the armor of the more advanced RGM-86R GM III.
  • Mega Particle Cannon
Housed in the torso and alongside the Juaggu's snout, the unit's mega-particle cannons fire tightly-focused beams that are able to easily penetrate mobile suit armor. The cannon's appear to be fire-linked, as the Juaggu has been seen firing all four cannons at once, but one could assume that the cannons could be fired individually as well.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Optional Hand
The cannons of the Juaggu can also be swapped out for an optional manipulator hand to perform more delicate tasks and also potentially use melee weapons.


As Zeon prepared for its massive invasion of the Earth Federation Forces' underground military headquarters of Jaburo, located along the Amazon River in South America, the Zeon military engineers stationed at California Base began developing several specialized mobile suits to aid in the assault. While many designs were meant to fill the ground assault role, the Juaggu was one of several amphibious mobile suit designs intended for the mid-range fire support role. Based on the MSM-04 Acguy, the Juaggu had similar mobility and energy characteristics that enabled quick, stealthy movement, as well as the utilization of beam weapons.

However, the few Juaggu that were constructed at California Base never saw combat in the assault on Jaburo. Some time prior to the planned assault on Jaburo, Zeon Commander Char Aznable discovered a secret entrance to the subterranean base and launched the attack much earlier than originally planned. As the war continued on into space, many mobile suits designed for the assault on Jaburo were left unused as they were unfit for space-use.

Because they were not part of the Jaburo assault, the original batch of Juaggus survived the war. Those units would remain hidden for almost two decades. Motivated by the actions of the Neo Zeon movement, Zeon remnants would come out of hiding with their mobile suits from the One Year War and attack Earth Federation targets.

In the year U.C. 0096, at least one Juaggu was deployed by the Zeon Remnants. During the Zeon Remnant's strike on Dakar, the Juaggu demonstrated that it was still a deadly unit even against more modern mobile suits. The Juaggu is engaged by a RGM-79R GM II and two MSA-003 Nemos, but destroys both quickly. However, it was ultimately destroyed by a RGM-86R GM III unit with the support of two other GM II units.




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