The MSN-02GA Hell Zeong Galaxy is a mobile suit from the Gundam Build Fighters anime, and a variant of MSN-02 Zeong. The Gunpla is built and controlled by C.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

While mostly similar to the Hell Zeong Marine, the Zeong Hell Galaxy is fitted for space use and retains the forearms of the original MSN-02 Zeong. The suit also has a pair of clawed, wire-guided legs, this allows the suit to perform all-range attacks with all four limbs. The legs can also be used to grapple enemy units that are too close to the suit.


  • Wire-guided 5-barrel Mega Particle Gun
The forearms of the Hell Zeong Galaxy can be detached from the main body, they are then controlled via cables and maneuvered using thrusters built into their base. Each of the forearms are armed with powerful mega particle guns built into the fingers.
  • Mega Particle Gun
There are two fire-linked mega particle guns mounted in the waist of the mobile suit, one in the head and another two in the clawed, wire-guided legs. Combined with the 5-barrel Mega Particle Gun in each arm, the large amount of beams fired is very hard to evade.


The Hell Zeong Galaxy was controlled by a member of the Gunpla Mafia known only as C. After his first attempt to take Sei Iori and Reiji out of the competition failed, he insisted on trying again while Takeshi Iori was teaching Reiji how to build Gunpla. Once Reiji had completed his new GPB-X80 Beginning Gundam, he went to try it out against an automated opponent, only to find the Zeong Hell Galaxy waiting for him. Though initially getting the upper hand, C soon found himself outflanked when Aila Jyrkiäinen joined the battle with her new SDV-04 (SDV-04G) Command Gundam.

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