The MSN-02MR Hell Zeong Marine is a mobile suit from the Gundam Build Fighters anime series, and a variant of MSN-02 Zeong. The Gunpla is controlled by C.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An aquatic version of the MSN-02 Zeong, the Hell Zeong Marine is mostly the same as the original but has clawed hands and a different set of shoulders. A trio of long, articulated grappling arms equipped with built-in mega particle gun, as well as four heat rods have also been added to the bottom of the suit. Both of these can be used to snare and crush opponent.


  • Mega Particle Gun
A mega particle gun is installed in each of the three grappling arms mounted on the bottom of the suit. There are also two fire-linked mega particle guns mounted in the waist of the mobile suit, as well as one in the head.
  • Heat Rod
Another weapon mounted on the bottom of the suit, there are 4 of these rods and they are used to grapple enemy unit. They can also heat up and deliver an electric shock.


The Hell Zeong Marine was controlled by a member of the Gunpla Mafia known only as C, who was hired by Baker to eliminate Sei Iori and Reiji from the 7th Gunpla Battle World Tournament. He attacked during the seventh round of the tournament, snaring the GAT-X105B/ST Star Build Strike Gundam and pulling it into the lake as it passed overhead. The Star Build Strike was on the verge of being destroyed when Mr. Ral located C within the tournament venue and intervened, eventually destroying the briefcase C was using to control his machine. Without a controller, the Zeong Hell Marine went limp, and was destroyed by the Star Build Strike.


Notes & Trivia

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