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The MSZ-006C4 Zeta Plus C4 is a prototype transformable low orbit combat interception mobile suit, that is part of the Zeta series. The unit is featured in the photo-novel series Gundam Sentinel.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The variable geometry wing binders used by the Zeta Plus series are effective in both mobile suit and wave rider forms, and they perform well at low altitudes when the machine is traveling at around the speed of sound. When it comes to hypersonic flight in the upper layers of the atmosphere, however, their performance is inferior to that of the flying armor used by the prototype Zeta Gundam. This C4 type, which is designed for use in the upper atmosphere and low Earth orbit, is equipped with flying armor for better performance in these situations.

Unlike other machines of the Zeta Plus series, where the "wave rider" form is merely a nickname inherited from the prototype Zeta Gundam, the mobile armor form of the C4 type is a genuine wave rider which concentrates the shock waves of atmospheric entry on its underside to produce lift. The thigh beam cannons are eliminated for the sake of streamlining and replaced by a single beam cannon installed in its flight sub unit (or "shield"). Although its flight performance is inferior at ordinary altitudes, this type is ideal for hypersonic maneuvers at altitudes over 100 kilometers. Produced in small numbers, it is used for combat in low Earth orbit and to intercept enemy machines during atmospheric entry.


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
  • Beam Cannon
  • Beam Saber


This Zeta Plus type was only manufactured in limited numbers, it was used in combat during low Earth orbit missions.

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